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20 Jul 2014
White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

White Pocket, Vermilion Cliffs – Weekly Photo

If I had a preference of when best to shoot photos I would say early morning, just before the sun rises. I feel like the cooler blue tones of the morning tend to create a better range of colors than the sunset time of day, which tends to be warmer and redder. I think this morning shot is a perfect example, especially with the orange and red rock to compliment the cool blue tones in the shadows. This is another […]

14 Jul 2014
Mailboxes at Midnight

Mailboxes & Barn at Midnight – Weekly Photo

This Fourth of July I missed the usual fireworks show while we were up in Oakhurst, but I made sure not to miss the natural fireworks show which was at it’s best around midnight. Finding the milky way took some work to find thanks to the light from the moon and the nearby cities, but as you can see the camera picked it up fine.

07 Jul 2014
Swirling Layers, White Pocket

Swirling Layers, White Pocket – Weekly Photo

As our little group was planning out our trip through Utah and Arizona one of the places we all agreed that we needed to visit was White Pocket in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. It may not get the press of it’s nearby neighbor ‘The Wave’ in the Coyote Buttes but I think it easily surpasses it in it’s visual wonder. The variety of colors, texture and layers is nothing short of spectacular. As my father-in-law put it looks like […]

29 Jun 2014
Fallen Roof Cliff Dwelling

Fallen Roof Ruins – Weekly Photo

One of the great highlights of the trip was visiting the Cedar Mesa region in southeastern Utah. A pretty remote region peppered with ancient indian cliff dwellings that were built over a thousand years ago. It was pretty surreal to wander down into various canyons and washes and to stumble across an ancient dwelling peppered with pottery fragments and arrowheads (I never saw any arrowheads for the record). This is an area I would definitely like to spend more time […]

22 Jun 2014
Looking into the Bean - Millenium Park, Chicago

Looking Into the Bean – Weekly Photo

I normally don’t include myself in my own work but for this piece I think it helped make the shot. If you look closely I show up four times in this picture. This image was taken at Millennium Park in Chicago, I got up extra early to capture this moment before the crowds started to make it difficult to get a clear shot of this popular sculpture. If you aren’t familiar with the bean here’s a more traditional shot of […]

16 Jun 2014
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend – Weekly Photo

This week’s photo has a funny little story connected to it. Three weeks ago on my trip through Utah we were able visit this iconic spot on the Colorado River, not far from Lake Powell and Page, Arizona. Then two weeks later I happened to fly over the same area on a business trip, and was able to spot it from the plane with the help of Google maps, a fun little serendipity. Click here to see the Instagram image […]

05 Jun 2014
Mesa Arch Panoramic

Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

Seeing this arch in person was really eye opening. It’s quite smaller than you think, the opening of the arch is maybe 20-25 feet at it’s widest. The best time to see this arch is in the morning when the sunrise strikes it, creating quite a spectacular frame for the canyon below. Because of the view you do have to fight a significant crowd of photographers to get your shot. The shot below was about an hour before the sun […]

02 Jun 2014

Milky Way Over White Pocket

On my trip to Utah I had grand plans to try a lot of night photography, including capturing a shot of the milky way. Little did I know that of the five nights we were camping I would get only one clear night. Thankfully it ended being a great night, errr… morning to capture the starry landscape. Click here to see more photos I have recently posted from my trip to Utah and Arizona.

31 May 2014

Double Arch – Weekly Photo

Over the Memorial Weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to explore the eastern and southern parts of Utah. The main reason for the trip was to retrieve our dogs which my brother-in-law and his wife so graciously took care of in Denver while Heidi was going through cancer treatments. That being said it gave us a good reason to explore a region I had never been. Below is an image of the popular Double Arch in Arches National Park, […]

18 May 2014
Sacred Datura Bloom with Daisies

Sacred Datura with Daisies – Weekly Photo

I nearly stepped on the subject of this week’s photo. I was in the area photographing the Brea Dam (see last week’s photo). It just goes to show that you need to keep your eyes open when you wander a familiar area, you never know what you might miss. This wildflower is quite beautiful and fragile all-in-one. Click here to see the full Southern California gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a print of this picture click here.