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27 Sep 2015
Clouds Over Steamboat Srpings

Clouds Over Steamboat Springs – Weekly Photo

Last month we had wonderful family trip driving through Colorado visiting family. We capped off the trip with a photo shoot with Heidi’s cousin in Steamboat Springs on a stormy afternoon. I pulled out my camera while the girls were being photographed and caught this moment. Click here to order a print.

07 Sep 2015
Morning Renewal, Mono Lake

Morning Renewal, Mono Lake – Weekly Photo

I can’t believe it took me so long to photograph this fascinating lake. It seems like every California-based outdoor photographer has the obligatory Mono Lake images. I have driven by it countless time on my many treks up and down highway 395, but the timing never worked out to spend any significant time there. After spending two days there and can see why it’s such a popular place to photograph and explore. Definitely a must-visit if you are traveling through […]

19 Aug 2015
Morning Panoramic from Pike National Forest

Pike National Forest in the Morning – Weekly Photo

Morning Panoramic from Pike National Forest Overlooking the valley created by the South Platte River near Buffalo Creek, Colorado Click here to order a print

15 Aug 2015

Life Radically Changes

It’s crushing to hear your beautiful, courageous wife has stage IV breast cancer. Two years ago our world stopped when she was first diagnosed. Now it feels like we are watching someone else’s life unfold, not ours. I WANT this to be someone else’s life. I want to wake up and realize this all one bad dream. I know it’s impossible to make sense of something like this in the heat of the moment, but I can’t help but try. […]

13 Jul 2015

View of Half Dome From Olmsted Point – Weekly Photo

For our most recent trip to Yosemite we chose to visit the eastern side out of Tioga Pass and the Tuolumne Meadows region of the park. One of my images on my wishlist was sunset at Olmsted Point, just northeast of Half Dome. I was eager to see a much different view point of the iconic monolith. The day we arrived at the park I thought we were going to get a spectacular stormy view as we watched the afternoon […]

02 Jun 2015
Worm's Eye View of the Cosmos

Worm’s Eye View of the Cosmos – Weekly Photo

Taken in Tehachapi, CA. The stark contrast between the night sky and the oak tree and grass was courtesy of my parents front porch light. Originally I intended to use the light to set up the shot. But seeing the vivid colors in my test shots I chose to keep the light on. Click here to purchase the print

23 Apr 2015
Milky Way Over the Watchman

Milky Way Over the Watchman – Weekly Photo

When I visited Zion National Park two years ago for the first time I knew I had to go back. One of the shots I had wanted to get this time was a Milky Way shot over the Watchman. It took a little planning but I was well rewarded. This shot was literally taken outside my tent in the Watchman campground. Click here to purchase the print

10 Apr 2015

White Folds – Weekly Photo

As the weather starts to warm up the trips I planned at the beginning of the year are starting to take shape. While I look forward to upcoming new adventures I can’t help but also look back at some of my past trips. Like last year’s trek through Utah and Arizona. This week’s picture is from that trip, the last day actually, at White Pocket in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

31 Mar 2015

Ancient Bristlecone Roots – Weekly Photo

If you visit this site regularly you will know that I love to photograph trees, especially bristlecone trees up in the White Mountains near Bishop, CA. These contorted trees are so visually striking and definitely look like they are among the oldest things living on this earth. This particular fallen tree is probably about 3,000 years old. Click here to see more pictures from the Ancient Bristlecone Forest.

28 Feb 2015

Weekly Photo – Driving into Artist’s Palette

Winter and early spring is one of my favorite times to visit Death Valley National Park. I know it sounds desolate and barren, but if you’ve spent any significant time in the actual park you’d know that first impressions can be deceiving, it’s far from barren. Just on the geologic level there are so many fascinating things to see like Artist’s Palette, a group of hills filled with a variety or minerals giving it a the feeling your driving/walking through […]