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Monthly Archives: February 2014

19 Feb 2014

Golden Canyon – Weekly Photo

If you have followed my work at all or my travel updates via social media you probably know that one of my all-time favorite places to go is Death Valley National Park, especially during the late to early spring season. Nearly all my childhood camping memories have some tie to Death Valley. The other day I was starting to feel the itch to go after seeing another photographer’s pictures from Death Valley, and I realized it has been over two […]

11 Feb 2014

Storm Break on the Fullerton Loop Trail – Weekly Photo

Slogging through mud on the nearby Fullerton Loop was well worth it for this shot. Taken a little over a year ago near the Brea Dam.

06 Feb 2014
Wall Remnant, Whittier

Wall Remnant, Uptown Whittier – Weekly Photo

This particular season in life my opportunities to wander with a camera are not as frequent as I would like, so when I do get a chance I appreciate them more than ever before. Last weekend I got one of those moments so, I wandered up to nearby Uptown Whittier. In an area like Southern California that reveres the latest-and-greatest as the ideal I find myself drawn visually to cities and towns that had still have some kind of footprint […]