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Summer Storm in the Sierra Nevada – Featured Image

Summer Storm Over the Sierra Nevada

Summer is one of my favorite seasons  to visit the eastern side of California when you can see dramatic weather like this summer storm in the Sierra Nevada. Your morning could be completely clear and by lunchtime the day may look like this. I just got back from a backpacking trip with my brothers to the Big Pine Lakes/Temple Crag part of the Inyo National Forest. It was an incredible trip even if it was a bit soggy and mosquito-filled. This week’s featured image was taken on the trek home from Big Pine as we stopped for dinner in Lone Pine, near the Alabama Hills and the Mount Whitney Portal (Whitney is clouded over in this shot).

Needless to say the weekend was full of spectacular views, and once I got home the usual tension arose. Do I unpack and clean up, or do I go through my photos? My house is a mess at the moment. So enjoy the photo above while I actually clean up from my trip, or at least try to.

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