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Monthly Archives: August 2014

28 Aug 2014
Darwin's Table Sunset

Darwin’s Table at Sunset – Weekly Photo

A year ago this Labor Day weekend my brothers and I did a 4-day 36-mile trek through Evolution Valley, smack-dab in the middle of the John Muir Trail in the Eastern Sierras. We saw some incredible country as we cut through the mountains, including this great shot on our last night on Darwin’s Table. The entire day we had the remnants of a summer storm dissipate over the mountains overhead, and as the sun began to set we were treated […]

20 Aug 2014
Rusted Beam, Michigan Ave

Rusted Tressle, Chicago – Weekly Photo

One thing I love about doing urban street photography is experiencing all the different colors and textures when old meets new on the city streets. Todays image was taken on Michigan Avenue during a morning walk in Chicago. Click here to see the all the Chicago images.

14 Aug 2014
Rainclouds Over the Lake District

Rainclouds Over the Lake District – Weekly Photo

I have been starting to archive a lot of my old film and digital prints onto Flickr and I stumbled across this great pic from the Lake District in England take on my first digital camera with a whopping 3 megapixel sensor. You may notice the beginnings of a rainbow in the horizon of the picture. A beautiful place to visit if you ever get the chance. Click here to see more photos from Europe.

06 Aug 2014
Wrigley Building, Chicago

Wrigley Building, Chicago – Weekly Photo

One of my favorite times to photography is what’s called the “blue hour” or the hour just before the sun rises or after the sun sets. This photo was taken on the ‘Marvelous Mile’ portion of Michigan Ave. I definitely enjoyed the architecture in Chicago, and I would definitely come back to truly explore this city. Click here to see more pictures from Chicago.