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Monthly Archives: February 2021

22 Feb 2021
Desiccated Cactus

Desiccated Cacti

I broke out my macro lens for a favorite subject of mine, desiccated cacti. I have been searching for these dried out remains on my local hikes for several years now. I discovered their beautiful textures a few years back when I stumbled across a prickly pear cactus patch that had been recently scorched by a local brush fire. I just love the web-like fibrous patterns and the complexity behind it all. I’ve gained a new appreciation for cacti exploring […]

16 Feb 2021
Snow Dusting, San Bernardino Mountains

Snow Dusting, San Bernardino Mountains

A winter snow dusting in the San Bernardino mountains on the edge of El Dorado burn area from September 2020. After assembling my last two photo calendars I realized I was lacking in the wintry scenes department. Unfortunately it’s been a very mild winter here in Southern California, but I was able to capture this small snow dusting a few weeks back while I was searching for snow my girls could play in. With the COVID travel restrictions loosening I’m […]