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My Best Images of 2018

Light Filtering Through Catherdral Gorge

Reflecting on the Past Year

Another year is winding down, so it’s time to reflect on the year that was. Thankfully this year was not nearly as life-changing as the previous couple of years have been. 2018 did have it’s fill of great trips including a trip through Nevada and central Utah, a very wet backpacking trip to the Big Pine Lakes in John Muir Wilderness, and fall color trip spanning both sides of the Sierra Nevada. Here are my 10 best images of 2018.

You may notice looking at my favorite images of the year that I am starting to do more panoramic images. I am not entirely sure what has drawn me to do more these large-scale scenes, maybe it’s my film-making roots rearing up as I look for that epic cinematic vista. I hope you enjoy the images below, if you wish to see a larger version of the images you can visit this gallery or click on the caption of each individual image.

Goblin Valley, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
Storm Clouds Gathering Over the Palisades, John Muir Wilderness, California
Fisher Towers
Fisher Towers, Utah
Frosted Acorn Caps
Frosted Acorn Caps, California

I hope you enjoyed my 10 best image of 2018. What did you think? Did you have any favorites from my various trips in 2018 not on this list? I would love to hear it. Here’s to a new year full of new adventures!

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3 thoughts on “My Best Images of 2018”

  1. Nice! Your feature image “Light Filtering Through Cathedral Gorge, Nevada” is easily my favorite – the color tones and light are simply great. Good eye to photograph just that, and nothing else. I’m a bit surprised that your photo of Factory Butte didn’t make your list – but maybe that’s just because I’m a sucker for badlands. 😉 Cheers and all the best for 2019.

    • Thanks! Yes, it was one of my favorites to shoot. It was kinda funny using my long lens in a slot canyon barely shoulder-width wide.

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