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Caleb Weston — Biography

Landscape & Nature Photographer, Videographer, Designer & Traveler

I have been an artist or designer all my life, even when I didn't know it–be it with the coolest Lego spaceship on the block as a kid, the doodles I drew when I should have been taking notes in class, or the student films I did in college. Now as an adult, nature and the outdoors have been my chief inspiration and the primary emphasis of my personal work. Here are some other personal tidbits:

  • My desire to explore the outdoors was nurtured in me at a young age from family and Boy Scout camping trips.
  • The creative part of my life blossomed at Biola University where I got my degree in Art emphasizing Film and Video.
  • After school, I forged my career path in the fields of web development and video production.
  • I started this website, Dubland.net, to showcase my freelance work and over the years the site has morphed to include my photography.
Caleb Weston
Caleb Weston in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest


Finding the Medium for My Personal Expression

  • After college I discovered photography, and with it a way to combine my creative passions and the outdoors.
  • My photography work became more focused 15 years ago when I started to sell prints of my work.
  • You can view my portfolio of work here or by clicking the button below.

Artist Statement

Landscape and Nature photography is more than capturing spectacular scenes or crossing off a list of must-see destinations. It's a means to get outside, clear out a cluttered mind, and breathe in deep. I feel most creative when giving myself the space to pause and observe the wondrous designs in nature—from grand sweeping vistas to exquisitely complex intimate subjects. Being able to share those beautiful discoveries with others gives me great joy.  I hope that you too can experience the majesty of nature showcased in my work.


NLPA interior page featuring Caleb Weston's Honorable Mention Finish.

My photo in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2022 Book