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02 Jun 2014

Milky Way Over White Pocket

On my trip to Utah I had grand plans to try a lot of night photography, including capturing a shot of the milky way. Little did I know that of the five nights we were camping I would get only one clear night. Thankfully it ended being a great night, errr… morning to capture the starry landscape. Click here to see more photos I have recently posted from my trip to Utah and Arizona.

31 May 2014

Double Arch – Weekly Photo

Over the Memorial Weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to explore the eastern and southern parts of Utah. The main reason for the trip was to retrieve our dogs which my brother-in-law and his wife so graciously took care of in Denver while Heidi was going through cancer treatments. That being said it gave us a good reason to explore a region I had never been. Below is an image of the popular Double Arch in Arches National Park, […]

18 May 2014
Sacred Datura Bloom with Daisies

Sacred Datura with Daisies – Weekly Photo

I nearly stepped on the subject of this week’s photo. I was in the area photographing the Brea Dam (see last week’s photo). It just goes to show that you need to keep your eyes open when you wander a familiar area, you never know what you might miss. This wildflower is quite beautiful and fragile all-in-one. Click here to see the full Southern California gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a print of this picture click here.

13 May 2014

Brea Dam at Dawn – Weekly Photo

This piece is a continuation of my experimentation on nearby locale. With this composition I was experimenting unifying three separate into one image. The wide angle distortion of the 22mm makes an overlap that doesn’t quite match up. The Brea Dam is just off the Fullerton Loop trail. My first photo for this project was posted a couple of weeks ago and I will slowly add to a Brea Dam gallery here as I continue to explore various angles and […]

04 May 2014
Happy 8th Anniversary

Lake Arrowhead – Weekly Photo(s)

Last week Heidi and I were able to get out of town to nearby Lake Arrowhead for an early celebration of our wedding anniversary before her surgery, courtesy of my parents. Thankfully is was pretty quiet and very beautiful. Our last day was quite blustery as you will see some of these photos, enjoy. Also just a reminder I am having a sale on my Etsy site, 20% off all order $16 or higher (including custom orders) Use the coupon […]

24 Apr 2014

Brea Dam – Weekly Photo

Tucked away in a little corner of the city of Fullerton is this interesting structure. It’s part of a flood control system built by the Army Corps of Engineers back in the 1940’s and the surrounding basin/canyon was made into a recreational trail area, smack-dap in the middle of the city. I have photographed it several times and decided to revisit it over the next couple of weeks as means to get my creative muscles (and actual muscles) back in […]

14 Apr 2014
Oil Slick

Oil Slick, Olso – Weekly Photo

Taken while wondering the streets of Oslo Norway in 2008. When I updated my website somehow this picture slipped through the cracks in the transfer. Now it’s back amongst all my favorite images from Europe. Click here to view the full collection of images from Europe. To learn about purchasing this print click here.

01 Apr 2014

Opening Day 2014 – Weekly Photo

I got the opportunity to go to Opening Day at Angel Stadium, first time in at least 10 years. It ended up being a not-so-pleasant night if you were an Angel fan, but it was still fun to welcome back the baseball season. This shot is a 5-shot hand-held panoramic.

30 Mar 2014
Desert Five Spot Wildflower

Death Valley Wildflowers – Weekly Photo

One of my favorite times to go out and visit the desert is the month of March to see all the wildflowers the winter storms fed. I wasn’t able to go this year but I thought I would reminisce on past wildflowers experiences. Next time I go I will definitely bring a macro lens with me.

17 Mar 2014

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Weekly Photo

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would showcase a picture of the cathedral named after him in Dublin. To see more pictures from Europe click here.