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28 Jan 2014

Liberia 2009 Added to the Site

Five years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Liberia to help my wife’s grandfather rebuild the library for ABC University (formerly African Bible College) near the Guinea border. It was a life changing trip getting a chance to share God’s love with people who had seen nothing but civil war and anarchy for over 15 years. A trip that helps you a get true perspective of genuine need. I spent the bulk of the two weeks […]

28 Dec 2013

Retrospective of 2013

This year, though I took fewer trips, and therefore fewer pictures, it was still a momentous year. It marked a revamped website for Dubland and several life-changing personal events, including the addition of Baby number 3, and my wife, Heidi’s, stage II breast cancer diagnosis. (Her prognosis is very good, but we still have to go through all the traditional treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy.) And so, though a smaller quantity of pictures may have been taken, it was still […]

21 Dec 2013
Clouds Over Bristlecone Tree

What was Lost Is Found – 2013 in Review

I love going back into all my old photos and discovering gems I might have overlooked in the past. This year was a watershed year for discovering lost treasures as I was revamping the website and revisiting my library of photos. Here’s some of the notable ones I rediscovered this year, in no particular order. Next week my top images taken in 2013.

10 Dec 2013

Sunrise in the White Mountains – Weekly Photo

I have recently been reflecting on some of the trips I have taken this year, remembering 2013 and all it brought. Doing so I am finding some great little treasures like the image above. This image was taken in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest this past April in 20 degree weather. It was mighty cold but the scenery made it well worth the inconvenience. Coming next week my first ever list of the year’s best images.

01 Dec 2013

Conejo Valley Panoramic – Weekly Photo

Back from a great weekend of giving thanks for all we’ve been given. Here’s a shot taken on a hike after our post-Thanksgiving meal. We didn’t get much rain but it made for a dramatic sunset. Click here to see the full Southern California Gallery.

11 Nov 2013
Clouds Over Bristlecone Tree

Clouds Over Bristlecone Tree – Weekly Photo

I stumbled across this photo looking back over old photos and I was astonished I hadn’t done anything with this shot. I took this about a year and half ago up in the White Mountains during a summer thunderstorm. You will recognize this tree from another photo a took about 7 month ago.

22 Oct 2013

My Wonderful Wife – Weekly Photo

Nine years ago this month I met the love of my life, though I didn”t know it at the time. We met at work, and got to know each other carpooling to work and my life has never been the same. Seven and half years of marriage, 3 kids, and countless adventures and I have cherished every moment with Heidi. Two weeks ago our lives had a very shocking bump in the road. Heidi was diagnosed with stage 2 breast […]

13 Oct 2013
Colby Meadow - Evolution Valley

Evolution Valley Time Lapse

While on my backpack in the Evolution Valley last month I tried my hand at shooting some time lapses. Above is one of them, taken at Colby Meadow. It”s comprised of a shot every 30 seconds which ended up being a bit fast, but I learned a lot and I am eager to try it again. You will notice at the end of the video smoke from the Rim Fire all the way up in Yosemite creeped into the valley. […]

04 Sep 2013

Evolution Valley Loop 9/13

Over the Labor Day weekend my brothers and I went on a 5-Day 37 mile backpack in the Eastern Sierras that went through the Evolution Valley in the middle of the John Muir Trail. Here are the first few shots from that trip. I will add more photos as the week progesses. Click here to see the album.

14 Aug 2013
Stirling Castle Sentry

Stirling Sentry – Weekly Photo

10 years ago this month I made the switch from film to digital when I took a massive 3 megapixel Kodak camera on my trip to Great Britain, and I never looked back. This was taken at Stirling Castle in Scotland.