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13 Oct 2013
Colby Meadow - Evolution Valley

Evolution Valley Time Lapse

While on my backpack in the Evolution Valley last month I tried my hand at shooting some time lapses. Above is one of them, taken at Colby Meadow. It”s comprised of a shot every 30 seconds which ended up being a bit fast, but I learned a lot and I am eager to try it again. You will notice at the end of the video smoke from the Rim Fire all the way up in Yosemite creeped into the valley. […]

04 Sep 2013

Evolution Valley Loop 9/13

Over the Labor Day weekend my brothers and I went on a 5-Day 37 mile backpack in the Eastern Sierras that went through the Evolution Valley in the middle of the John Muir Trail. Here are the first few shots from that trip. I will add more photos as the week progesses. Click here to see the album.

14 Aug 2013
Stirling Castle Sentry

Stirling Sentry – Weekly Photo

10 years ago this month I made the switch from film to digital when I took a massive 3 megapixel Kodak camera on my trip to Great Britain, and I never looked back. This was taken at Stirling Castle in Scotland.

01 Aug 2013

Bristlecone Collage – Weekly Photo

Photo collage experiment to accentuate the contorted and twisted look of these unique ancient trees.

21 Jul 2013
Burnt Tree Trunk - Springs Fire

After the Springs Fire

A little over 2 months after the Springs fire ripped through the Santa Monica Mountains my brothers and I went on a hike from Sycamore Canyon up to Sandstone Peak. Click here to see the full gallery.