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Monthly Archives: December 2013

28 Dec 2013

Retrospective of 2013

This year, though I took fewer trips, and therefore fewer pictures, it was still a momentous year. It marked a revamped website for Dubland and several life-changing personal events, including the addition of Baby number 3, and my wife, Heidi’s, stage II breast cancer diagnosis. (Her prognosis is very good, but we still have to go through all the traditional treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy.) And so, though a smaller quantity of pictures may have been taken, it was still […]

21 Dec 2013
Clouds Over Bristlecone Tree

What was Lost Is Found – 2013 in Review

I love going back into all my old photos and discovering gems I might have overlooked in the past. This year was a watershed year for discovering lost treasures as I was revamping the website and revisiting my library of photos. Here’s some of the notable ones I rediscovered this year, in no particular order. Next week my top images taken in 2013.

10 Dec 2013

Sunrise in the White Mountains – Weekly Photo

I have recently been reflecting on some of the trips I have taken this year, remembering 2013 and all it brought. Doing so I am finding some great little treasures like the image above. This image was taken in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest this past April in 20 degree weather. It was mighty cold but the scenery made it well worth the inconvenience. Coming next week my first ever list of the year’s best images.

01 Dec 2013

Conejo Valley Panoramic – Weekly Photo

Back from a great weekend of giving thanks for all we’ve been given. Here’s a shot taken on a hike after our post-Thanksgiving meal. We didn’t get much rain but it made for a dramatic sunset. Click here to see the full Southern California Gallery.