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Goblin Valley at Sunset – Featured Image

Goblin Valley, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park has such other-worldly features it was hard to take it all in and figure how I was going to photograph it. I can only think of two other places where I have had same sense of  visual overload (one being White Pocket and the other being the coastal Redwoods). From those past experiences I learned not try and take it all in, or attempt to document it all photographically. Rather just focus on a couple key points and capture those well.

This place has been on my wish list of places to visit long before it made national news a few years back, and it lived up to all my expectations. The goblins, the small mushroom-like hoodoos, are such a unique feature and make for striking imagery. It s a good thing we brought Glamdring and Orcrist to fight off the goblin horde during our stay (that’s a Hobbit joke for Tolkien neophytes).

One thought on “Goblin Valley at Sunset – Featured Image”

  1. Spectacular! You should have taken your warrior princess, Eowyn with you! She could have helped handle the goblins. 😋

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