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Sierra Haze Triptych

Sierra Haze Triptych

In April I did a little trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada region. I didn’t have any set agenda, just some places I wanted to scout out, but on my return home the high winds kicked up the dust and made for some hazy conditions in the Owens Valley, so lingered a bit to see how that would affect the sunset. I had set up a composition for sunset, and while I waited for the setting sun I did some handheld shots with my telephoto lens. Sunset itself was a bit of a dud, but I was quite happy with the hazy shots I got while I waited. I decided to do a triptych, a three panel piece, from some of my favorites of my exploring with my long lens. You can see larger version by clicking the images below.

Thanks for looking! Which of the three is your favorite? I’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Sierra Haze Triptych”

  1. That’s like asking which of my sons is my favorite! He, he! Each of the pics have its own charms.

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