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Oil and Water Abstract – Featured Image

Oil Abstract

Kicking Off 2018 With the Renewed Weekly Image From Dubland

My love for nature photography is not limited to strictly landscape. I do love to look a bit closer at times searching for beautiful intricacies and the abstractions they can lead to. This particular image is one my favorite subjects–oil and water abstraction. The first winter rainy day in Southern California can make even the most ordinary parking lot into a colorful palette of colors.

With the new year I am bringing back the blog with renewed focus, and more content. One of the weekly features will be ‘Featured Image’.

To mark the new roll-out today’s featured image is also my download-able wallpaper for January–free to all subscribers of my monthly newsletter. To get this image as a wallpaper simply signup in the form below. You will get additional wallpapers each month.

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