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Morning Clouds in the Cummings Valley – Featured Image

Last week I spent some time in Tehachapi and the Cummings Valley where we were treated to a very cold spring storm that gave us some sleet and dusted the surrounding mountains giving us winter look for little over a day. For a town that boast four seasons we were treated to some surprising wintry weather just before Easter.

The image above was the day after our sleet storm, as you can see we were still socked in with some heavy cloud cover. The image below was as the storm was passing.

Snow-dusting in the Tehachapi mountains

One thought on “Morning Clouds in the Cummings Valley – Featured Image”

  1. The Cummings Valley reminds me of the similar pic that you took in Alaska! Nice job as usual. Needless to see we would like a print of that one!

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