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About me

Photographer, Videographer, Designer & Traveler

I have been an artist or designer all my life even when I didn't know it–be it the coolest lego spaceship on the block as a kid, or the doodles I drew when I should have been taking notes in class, or the student films I did in college both in and outside of class. My chief inspiration comes from nature and the outdoors. It's where I can unwind from the busy everyday life and where I can clear my head. In my nature photography I am invigorated by the grand sweeping vistas as much as the minimalism of a leaf pattern.

  • All the childhood family and Boy Scout camping trips led to me being a lifelong explorer and expert wanderer of the outdoors.
  • My college degree is in Art emphasizing in Film and Video, and I have since worked in web development and video production fields.
  • I started Dubland.net to showcase my freelance work and over the years the site has morphed to include my  photography now as well.
Caleb Weston
Caleb in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest


  • Shortly after college I discovered photography. It was the perfect medium to combine my creative interests with my love of the outdoors. My photography work became more focused about nine years ago when I started to sell my own prints.
  • I specialize in outdoor/nature photography doing both commercial and fine art work.
  • To view my portfolio of work and purchase a print or license an image click on the button below.