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Welcoming Autumn, Powder Canyon

Welcoming Autumn

Autumn in So Cal may not be as dramatic as it is in most parts of the US, but there are those little hints it has arrived all around. Like that cool pocket of air you walk through on a morning hike feels a bit crisper and refreshing. You can see some color change in the foliage (though most of these ‘fall colors’ you want to avoid unless you like itching). And the morning cloud cover seems to stick around a little longer during the day. But on the turn of the dime temps can soar and/or the dreaded Santa Ana winds could kick up. Autumn can be a bit confusing here.

All that being said it is my favorite season of the year. Even if we don’t quite get the dramatic colors other parts of the country sees right now. This time of year is also when the baseball pennant races are amping up, and the holidays are just around the corner.

I am grateful for the return of Fall.

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