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Weather-Etched Bristlecone Trunk – Featured Image

Weather-Etched Bristlecone Trunk, White Mountain

The ancient bristlecone trees in the White Mountains are a favorite photo subject for me. Their extremely contorted trunks and limbs make for some interesting visual imagery. But I also like to get up close and look at their weather-worn ancient trunks and branches. The high altitude (12,000 feet above sea level) and harsh weather often strips the bark off of at least one side of the tree and can leave some deeply etched scars on the tree. What you see here is, without exaggeration, thousands of years of winter wear on a tree.

These days I do also feel a bit of a kinship with these trees too. Not that I am feeling especially old, but I do feel a bit worn. For the last two months life has finally slowed down from a crazy four-year flurry that life has brought my way. With that slowing has come four-years worth emotion–from my late wife’s three-year cancer journey and last year’s roller coaster year after her passing.

A lot of the non-essential day-to-day to-dos have been put on the back-burner (including this site). All that being said the creative/writer’s block seems to be lifting, so hopefully the posts will start flowing more regularly soon.

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