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Superblooms and peak fall colors are incredible times to document the beauty of the outdoors, but I have also found the transitional time between seasons can be equally interesting. This time of year in Southern California you can see what I affectionately call the “awkward gosling” phase in the local hills. Where the new spring growth hasn’t grown past the dead grass from the years past, like an adolescent bird that hasn’t quite shed all of it’s down feathers.

Below is a quick little project I did in December and January as the new growth started to sprout from all the rain we received this winter.

First light on the Puente Hills, December 2022
Telegraph Canyon in Chino Hills State Park, March 2021
Living vs. Dead, January 2023
Looking down the switchbacks above Powder Canyon onto a dormant black walnut tree with living oaks surrounding it, January 2023.

What do you think of my little mini-project? Personally being in a bit of transitional season of life made this subject that much more interesting to me. I plan on revisiting it again over the next couple of years. Thank you for looking!

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