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The Brooding Black Knight

The Brooding Figure

There are photos you plan, research, and refine; then there are ones you fall into and just say “wow”! This one is the latter. In fact had I not turned around while hiking to another interesting formation I probably would not have seen it at all. I am so grateful I did! Actually, I capture this outcropping, that I have affectionately called the “Brooding Black Knight” earlier so I thought I was done.

Normally I don’t look for figures or animals in rock faces or trees, but I couldn’t help but think the central rock formation in the picture looked like a black knight chess piece, or the profile of a Skeksis from the movie The Dark Crystal. Along with that, the texture and contours of the surrounding sandstone, and even the clouds, gave this whole scene an ominous feel like a scene from a Conan movie, the earlier mention Dark Crystal, or some other 80’s fantasy movie.

Close up of the “Black Knight” (or “Skeksis”)

The deserts of the Southwestern US have some of the most fascinating and unique features I have ever seen. It’s one of the reason I keep going back to visit all the obscure nooks of it. I am proud to have been able to witness this one in person.

Click here to see a larger version.

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