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How We Got The Bible (2015)

  • Timothy Paul Jones Teaching
  • Augustine Animation
  • Session Title Screen
  • Timothy Paul Jones Teaching #2
  • Hebrew Example
  • Quote Screen
  • Timothy Paul Jones Teaching #3
  • Dead Sea Scroll
  • Behind the Scenes #1
  • Behind the Scenes #2
  • Behind the Scenes #3

Project Description

This video study was created for churches or Bible studies to purchase and learn how the Bible as we know it came to be. It comprised of six 30-minute video sessions. All of my video work with Rose Publishing involved securing filming locations and coordinating the video production, post-production crews, and the video product itself with the editorial team and all printed material they were producing.

This project stands out from the other Rose video projects because I felt like I had the most ownership of this project. My biggest achievement with this production was that I managed to vastly improve the production quality while matching the same low-budget that the preceding Rose videos had.

Project Details


Rose Publishing


  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Video Editing
  • AfterEffects

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