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Christian History Made Easy (2012)

  • Session Page Screenshot
  • Timothy Paul Jones teaching
  • Fresco image
  • Timothy Paul Jones Teaching #2
  • St. Patrick animation screenshot
  • Timothy Paul Jones teaching #3
  • CHME Animation
  • Timothy Paul Jones teaching #4
  • Joan of Arc animation

Project Description

One of my more memorable and largest projects I have done. We shot 12 30-minute sessions in a grueling one-week shoot. The post-production time also had its challenges as well. Not only did we have the raw footage of the 12 sessions to edit down but we also did 10 Monty-Pythonesque animations to illustrate some of the more interesting and humorous stories in the lessons which added to the production time. On top of all that we also had a hard drive fail two weeks before our deadline.

All the challenges aside it was also one of the more rewarding projects since I got to embrace my love of history with this particular project.

Project Details


Rose Publishing


  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Video Editing
  • AfterEffects

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