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Photo Recognition, Westways’ 2021 Photo Contest

Sunset at Colter Bay, Grand Teton NP

I was honored to find out one of my photos, Colter Bay at Sunset, was selected as an honorable mention winner in Westways’ 2021 Photo Contest. This photo was one of the highlights from our two-week family trip this summer that spanned 8 states, 5 national parks, 3 national monuments, and 3 state parks. The crux of the trip was family celebrations. We started the trip celebrating a 50th anniversary for Heidi’s parents and ended it with a 75th birthday for my mom.

Even though it was a family trip I did get a few moments to do some photography, surprisingly this wasn’t one of those moments. I snapped this shot on my phone when I went to get ice at the general store. I wished I had this type of sky a day later when did go out with my camera.

You can see all the photos from my trip here in this gallery. Also go check out the other beautiful photos from the Westways contest.

One thought on “Photo Recognition, Westways’ 2021 Photo Contest”

  1. It is cool that your photo is at the top of the online display of the photos! So glad to see your talent being celebrated!

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