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Dramatic Skies Assignment Winner

Polychrome Overlook, Denail National Park

This week I was honored to have my picture from Polychrome Overlook in Denali National Park chosen for Outdoor Photographer’s Dramatic Skies Assignment. It’s true honor to be chosen by such a respected publication in the outdoor and nature photography.

For those interested in the story behind the photo it was taken on the bucket list trip to Alaska my wife, Heidi, and I planned after she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. As we were working out our itinerary I was doing lots of research of places I’d like to photograph, and Polychrome Overlook was high on the list along with Denali itself. Unfortunately, we only got a fleeting glimpse of the base of Denali as we rode on the park shuttle bus. I had my concerns that we wouldn’t see much when we got to Polychrome Overlook as it continued to get stormier on our ride through the park, but as you can see the view was spectacular.

The overall trip was incredible—we saw some incredible sights and experienced many once-in-a-lifetime things that we’ll forever cherish. There were days we weren’t even sure my wife would make the trip as her cancer grew, but she fought hard and made it through, and then some. Her three-year cancer journey ended just a few months ago, but I know it meant the world to her to be able to do one last big trip with me. I know it did for me. You can click here to see more photos from my trip to Alaska.


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