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Design Services

Your Digital Pathfinder

Finding where you fit in this technological world can seem overwhelming and confusing. Where do you begin? You need an experienced guide to navigate all the facets of connecting to our world.

With 20 years of experience in all things digital I have the expertise to help you find your way. I started my career at the height of the Dot-Com boom and have seen the other digital trends that followed like Web 2.0, social media, cloud computing, and many more. I have worked in many fields of the digital landscape such as, web development, email marketing, video production, product development, and even some IT work serving both business and nonprofit clients in all of those disciplines.

Web Development & Design

Whether you're lanching a new eCommerce site, a blog, or you need to optimizing your existing web services I'll work with you to determine a way for you to succeed on the web.

Video Production

Are you looking to tap into video as a tool to broaden your reach and educate your audience? I can help you set the strategy, craft a budget, and help you deliver the finished product.

Email Marketing

Do you need some help refining your marketing strategy, managing the overall list, or starting your first email blast? I can help.

Product Development

Whether you need help brainstorming, building wire-frames, or testing an already developed product I can help through any step of the process of creating and delivering a new product.

The Process

The Process


First, sit down with you to talk through your needs and goals to help me get the framework of what the project will look like.

The Plan

After we complete the Discovery phase of the project, I will craft the proposal on how best to accomplish your goals. I create a document listing all recommended procedures, services/products needed, estimated hours needed to complete the project.


After the plan is agreed upon, we then work through how it will be carried out. Determining the schedule and benchmarks we can start with the project,

Follow up

This is the time to look back at the project to ask "How did we do?" We will talk through the goals and the plan. We would also to explore and followup projects or revisions to the original one.

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