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Tabernacle – Video

  • master shot of Pastor Shawn Barnard in Tabernacle video
  • Pastor Shawn Barnard showing the alter in the Tabernacle
  • Psalm 51 graphic from Tabernacle video
  • Pastor Shawn Barnard sharing key point in Tabernacle study
  • Pastor Shawn Barnard talking about the lightstand
  • Teaching moment in Tabernacle video with Pastor Shawn Barnard
  • teaching moment with Pastor Shawn Barnard
  • Pastor Barnard sharing in Tabernacle video

Project Description

This video shoot was a change of pace from the usual projects I have done with Rose Publishing. It was our first shoot using actual locations rather than a studio or virtual set. We opened each session in a life-size replica of the Tabernacle depicted in the Bible, and the teaching portion of the session was shot in a church sanctuary.

Being free of the artificiality of a studio or virtual set was a welcome change, but it too had its challenges, such as, securing the actual locations we filmed, recording audio clean enough to use and making it all uniform enough that it didn’t disrupt the viewer’s experience. We also dealing with bad weather while we were shooting the tabernacle replica.

Project Details


Rose Publishing


  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Video Editing
  • AfterEffects

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