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14 Apr 2014

Oil Slick, Olso – Weekly Photo

Taken while wondering the streets of Oslo Norway in 2008. When I updated my website somehow this picture slipped through the cracks in the transfer. Now it’s back amongst all my favorite images from Europe. Click here to view the full collection of images from Europe. To learn about purchasing this print click here.

01 Apr 2014

Opening Day 2014 – Weekly Photo

I got the opportunity to go to Opening Day at Angel Stadium, first time in at least 10 years. It ended up being a not-so-pleasant night if you were an Angel fan, but it was still fun to welcome back the baseball season. This shot is a 5-shot hand-held panoramic.

30 Mar 2014

Death Valley Wildflowers – Weekly Photo

One of my favorite times to go out and visit the desert is the month of March to see all the wildflowers the winter storms fed. I wasn’t able to go this year but I thought I would reminisce on past wildflowers experiences. Next time I go I will definitely bring a macro lens with me.

17 Mar 2014

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Weekly Photo

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I thought I would showcase a picture of the cathedral named after him in Dublin. To see more pictures from Europe click here.

08 Mar 2014

Rusted Pulley Wheel – Weekly Photo

This photo was taken of an abandoned water pump on the Sycamore Canyon trail recently exposed to the outside elements after the Spring Fire swept through the Sycamore Canyon in the Santa Monica National Park in May 2013.

19 Feb 2014

Golden Canyon – Weekly Photo

If you have followed my work at all or my travel updates via social media you probably know that one of my all-time favorite places to go is Death Valley National Park, especially during the late to early spring season. Nearly all my childhood camping memories have some tie to Death Valley. The other day I was starting to feel the itch to go after seeing another photographer’s pictures from Death Valley, and I realized it has been over two […]

11 Feb 2014

Storm Break on the Fullerton Loop Trail – Weekly Photo

Slogging through mud on the nearby Fullerton Loop was well worth it for this shot. Taken a little over a year ago near the Brea Dam.

06 Feb 2014

Wall Remnant, Uptown Whittier – Weekly Photo

This particular season in life my opportunities to wander with a camera are not as frequent as I would like, so when I do get a chance I appreciate them more than ever before. Last weekend I got one of those moments so, I wandered up to nearby Uptown Whittier. In an area like Southern California that reveres the latest-and-greatest as the ideal I find myself drawn visually to cities and towns that had still have some kind of footprint […]

28 Jan 2014

Morning Light Through the Branches – Weekly Photo

This past weekend I was able to spend with dear friends of mine from college. We all congregated up in Portland for great conversation and quality time digesting our past year. I took this photo one morning wandering the streets of Portland seeking a good view of Mount St. Helens.

28 Jan 2014

Liberia 2009 Added to the Site

Five years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Liberia to help my wife’s grandfather rebuild the library for ABC University (formerly African Bible College) near the Guinea border. It was a life changing trip getting a chance to share God’s love with people who had seen nothing but civil war and anarchy for over 15 years. A trip that helps you a get true perspective of genuine need. I spent the bulk of the two weeks […]